On Pointe Salon and Wax Bar

On Pointe Salon and Wax Bar

Welcome to On Pointe Salon and Wax Bar! We are excited for you to experience our friendly, cozy, and professional atmosphere. We offer a wide variety of services to meet all your needs. We also take pride in reaching out to our community! Visit us at Eagle Pointe Plaza, Suite 103 in the West Wing!

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Women's Cut (Short/Med) - $19
Women's Haircut, wash and blow dry Included.
Women's Cut (Long/Thick) - $19
Women's Haircut. Wash and Blow dry Included.
Women's Cut and Iron Style - $24
Women's Haircut with Finished Style. Wash Included.
Men's Traditional Cut - $13
Men's Scissor Cut or Clipper/Scissor Combination. Eyebrow Trim Included.
Men's Clipper Cut - $10
Men's Cut with Clippers only. Eyebrow Trim Included.
Student Haircut (13-17 yrs.) - $16
Student/Teen Haircut 13-17 years of age. Includes wash.
Youth Haircut (7-12 yrs.) - $12
Youth Haircut, 7-12 years of age. Wash Included.
The Littlest Cut (6 yrs. & Under) - $8
Child's Haircut, 6 years of age and under.
Fringe Trim - $5
Fringe/Bang Trim.
Youth Haircut- Long/thick - $12

Chemical/Treatment Services

New Growth Touch Up Only - $43
Color Retouch on New Growth Only.
All Over Color - $54
All Over Color (One Shade applied, no foils) Price will vary depending on Length/Thickness.
Partial Foil - $60
Foils applied from the crown area up/ down. Price will vary depending on Length/Thickness.
Full Foil - $75
Foils applied to the entire head. Price will vary depending on length/thickness.
Accent Foils (12 Max) - $28
Accent Foils a maximum of 12 foils.
Cap High/Low Light - $48
High/Low Lights using the cap Method. Hair up to 3" only.
Ombre. Balayage, Hand Crafted
Ombre, Balayage, Hand Crafted (Free hand). Service Fee: $25-$32/hr
Double Process/Color Correction
Double Process/Color Correction: Striping Color and re-applying color. Service Fee: $28-$38/hr
The LS Platinum Card
All Over, as Blonde as you dare. NOTE: One Session will not guarantee the level of lightness your are seeking, this service may take multiple visits. Service Fee: $30/hr
Permanent Wave - $53
Permanent Wave for Short/ Medium Lengths. Service fee based on Length/Thickness. Does not include Roller Set Finishing Style.
Permanant Wave with Roller Set Finished Style - $58
Permanent Wave with Roller Set Finished Style.
Specialty Wave (Long/Thick) - $69
Permanent Wave for Long/ Thick Hair. Service Fee will vary depending on Length/Thickness.
Conditioning Treatment - $10
Deep Conditioning Treatment to treat Dry/Processed Hair, Color Safe!
KeraTriplex Treatment - $24
A Blend of Keratin Proteins that instantly repairs and rebuilds the hair.
All Over Color (Long) - $68
One color, with no foil. Hair length past the shoulder.
Colored Hair Extension (1-5) - $3
Application of Colored Hair Extension, 1-5 pieces $3 each.
Colored Hair Extension (6-10) - $3
Colored Hair Extension application. 5-10 pieces. $3 each
Colored Hair Extension (12+) - $2.50
Application of Colored Hair Extension! 12+ strands. $2.50 each

Styled Section

On Location Hair/Makeup (call for appointment)
Women's Formal Style - $38
Women's Formal/Event Style.
Women's Formal Style (Long/Thick) - $46
Women's Formal/Event Style for Long/Thick Hair. Service Fee based on Length/Thickness.
Student Formal Style (13-17 yrs.) - $30
Student/Teen Formal Style. Service Fee based on Length/Thickness.
Youth Formal Style (12 yrs. & Under) - $20
Youth Formal/Event Style. 12 years of age an under.
Wash and Style (Iron Only) - $15
Luxury wash, Blow dry, and iron Style.
Wash and Style (Roller Set) - $18
Luxury Wash and Styled with Rollers.

Nailed It! Nail Spa Services

File and Polish - $12
Quick Nail Clean up and Polish (Excludes French Polish)
Princess Polish - $8
A Manicure for your Mini. Girl's 12 and under File and Polish. (Excludes French Tip)
Add On Moisture and Massage - $7
Add a relaxing Hand Massage and moisture treatment to your Nail Service.
Acrylic- Full Set - $30
Full Set of Acrylic nails, $30+
Acrylic- Fill - $20
Acrylic Fill only, No removal included
Acrylic- Removal - $20
Removal Only, please book a new set as an additional service.
acrylic- Repair - $3 (call for appointment)
Acrylic Repair, please call when booking this service
Acrylic- ADD ON Gel Polish - $10
Add Gel Polish to your fresh Acrylics for longevity. *This service is for ADDING ON Gel Polish to an existing Service of Acrylic- Full Set.
Gel Polish - $25
Gel Polish Application to natural nail.
Pedicure - $30
Spa Pedicure.
Pedicure with Gel Polish - $35
Spa Pedicure with Gel Polish Application.

On Pointe Wax Bar

Eyebrow Shaping - $10
Eye Brow Shaping Service only
ADD ON Eyebrow Shaping - $8
Add an eyebrow shaping to any service (must be scheduled back to back)
Upper Lip Wax - $8
Chin Wax - $6
Full Face Trio - $20
Eyebrow Shaping, Upper Lip, and Chin waxing Service.
Under Arm Wax - $16
Ankle Down/Feet - $12
Hair Removal from the ankle to the toes.
Hand Wax - $12
From the wrist to the tip of the finger hair removal.
Stomach "Trail" - $8
Hair Removal, navel area.
Bikini Wax - $40
Hair Removal from the Bikini Area. (Women's Service Only)
Men's Hairline Wax - $12
Hair Removal from the Hairline to the collar on the back of the neck.
Men's Ear Hair Removal - $8
Removes unwanted ear hair.
Men's Chest wax - $28
Hair Removal from the neck to the upper abdomen.
Men's Chest and Abdomen Wax - $40
Hair Removal from the neck to the waist line.
Men's Half Back Wax - $28
Hair removal from mid collar bone to mid back.

Spa Services

Express Facial - $28
Made for those on the go! Formulated to refresh and renew. This service includes cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing.
Bubble Detox Cleanse - $40
Feel the Fizz...as it penetrates your pores to pull out impurities and bacterias, makeup, oil, and dirt. This service consists of cleansing deep exfoliating detox, toning, and moisturizing!
Dead Sea Cleanse - $52
This facial cleanse is designed to help treat acne, blackheads, and oily skin while minimizing pores, removing dead skin cells, and smoothing your complexion! Suitable for all skin types! The Dead Sea Cleanse will cleanse, exfoliate, offer a relaxing dead Sea mask, warm towel steam, application of toner and moisturizer.
24K Gold Facial - $60
Treat yourself to the Royal Treatment! This trendy facial works to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles while firming, toning, and hydrating the skin. This relaxing facial is made to cleanse, exfoliate with the use of a 24K Gold mask and eye treatment, tone, and moisturize!
Pucker Up Lip Treatment - $22
A true gentleman to revitalize your lips! The gentle exfoliant removes dead skin cells While the dreamy lip mask works to reduce fine lines around your lips and boost plumpness! We'll top your treatment off with a nourishing beeswax lip balm for you to take home. *This service is great for firming the affected areas caused by dryness, think skin, and years of smoking.
Miss. Bright Eye - $21
Say Goodbye to those tired eyes! This specialized treatment focuses on reducing puffiness and dark circles with a under eye gel pad mask followed by the application of a time repair serum to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles with the use of green tea extract!
Parraffin Hand Dip - $7
Dry, cracked, sore hands? Dip in to our soothing parraffin wax to help healing, hydrate, and moisturize!
Bubble Detox Mask Only - $20
Application of Bubble Detox Mask only, great for a busy schedule, relaxation, and revitalization!
Dead Sea Mask Only - $25
Dead Sea mask application only! Ideal for a busy schedule, relaxation, and acne treatment plan.
24K Gold Mask Only - $25
Application of 24K Gold Mask only! Great for routine skin care plan to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and rejuvenate the skin.


Gel Manicure & Pedicure - $50
Directions 415 East Main Street, Hale, MI 48739, USA